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AboutWidgets How It Works, Widget API Documentation, Terms of Usage


Try out our fully functional online demos to see exactly what you get with our widget

How It Works

Please see documentation how to get your own widget code configuration and add it to your website

Widget API Documentation

Please see how you can integrate our widgets with your websites and online shops for selling tires and rims. Widget API, events, methods, example usages and etc for quick integration between widget and your web services

Terms and Conditions

You can use the free version of the widget as well as a paid version of the widget. Read more details about terms of usage

Find the plan that’s right for you Pricing plans from personal use to large organizations



  • Unlimited widget configurations
  • Widget API Access
  • Custom Settings

* You should add an Active Link to Wheel-Size.com on all pages of your websites where widget configurations are used

Start for Free


$ 149 / Year

  • All Starter features
  • No ads, you can use both types of widget without ads and links
  • Links to www.wheel-size.com are not required

* One license = one domain + all subdomains
** Annual billiing is available only

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Wheel Configurator

Release scheduled for 2022

  • Multimedia Vehicle Customization Tool integrated with your website/online shop
  • Available as widget
  • Available as API

We Provide Services for additional fee:

Support via Email // Widget Setup // HTML CSS issues to fit widget your website color scheme // Integration with your website / online shop via API // Writing javascript custom code based on widget API according your needs // Custom API improvements // and others

Please feel free to send us any requests via email info@wheel-size.com