Try Widget

This page allows you to try out widget capabilities without registration.
Play with widget preferences as you wish but be aware that
you need to register if you want to embed a widget on your site.

If you change widget language, save configuration to update preview.

Customize Size

If you change height from autoresize to fixed or vice versa, preview will be updated only after saving.

Widget width must not be less than 600 for correct representation.

Empty width means 100%

Empty height means autoresize

Customize Widget Content

Choose blocks that will be shown in your widget. Preview will be updated only after saving.

Choose default units and sizing system.

Be aware that wheel calculator saves last selected units and collapse state locally for each user.
However, user changes are not saved on this configuration page. Use this page to see default state of your wheel calculator widget.

Customize Colors

Feel free to use any Less features in color variables or advanced mode.

You may choose one of predefined color themes or create your own. New theme will be created once you edit one of the predefined color theme.

Please, correct errors in color variables