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API Usage Example: Integration with Amazon

The working example below shows a widget with Amazon integration.

Let`s open`s section where we can find and buy rims and tires. We will try to add Amazon links to our widget.

Open link

We see that "Rims size" links are following:

10 inches:
11 inches:
12 inches:
13 inches:
20 inches:
28 inches:

According documentation we can use templates in links, like {{ rim_diameter }}. It is an angular template, so we can use different constructions like

{{ rim_diameter == 17 ? 7 : 6 }}
// or 
{{ (rim_diameter + "")[1] }}

In our case rim_diameter template should look like {{ (rim_diameter + 64) }} in URL:{{ (rim_diameter + 64) }}011&bbn....

If we choose Tire Aspect Ratio = 60 and Section Width = 205 on website, we will get the following URL in address bar of your browser:

So the final URL template will look like:!15690151%2Cn%3A15706571%2Cn%3A353609011%2Cn%3A353610011%2Cp_n_feature_five_browse-bin%3A61316{{ (rim_diameter + 64) }}011%2Cp_section_width_bin%3A{{ tire_width }}%2Cp_tire_aspect_ratio-bin%3A{{  tire_aspect_ratio }}&bbn=353610011&ie=UTF8&qid=1432662754&rnid=491285011

Find Rims and Tires on

Widget Code (please note that uuid parameter should be different for your own widget ):

    <h3 class="title-divider">
            <span>Find Rims and Tires<span class="de-em"> on</span></span>
    <div id="ws-widget"></div>
<script src="//"></script>
            var widget = WheelSizeWidgets.create('#ws-widget', {
                uuid: '58d5fc75790440cf9c015bd7b257013d',
                width: '600'
                beforeTire: {
                    href: '!15690151%2Cn%3A15706571%2Cn%3A353609011%2Cn%3A353610011%2Cp_n_feature_five_browse-bin%3A61316{{ (rim_diameter + 64) }}011%2Cp_section_width_bin%3A{{ tire_width }}%2Cp_tire_aspect_ratio-bin%3A{{  tire_aspect_ratio }}&bbn=353610011&ie=UTF8&qid=1432662754&rnid=491285011&tag=wheelsize-20',
                    icon: 'new-window',
                    title: 'Find tires on with'
                afterRim: {
                    href: '{{ rim_diameter }}x{{ rim_width }}+Wheels%2FRims+{{ bolt_pattern }}&tag=wheelsize-20',  // do not forget to add our referal GET param to the URL ;-)
                    icon: 'hand-right',
                    title: 'Find Rims for {{ make.title}} {{ model.title }} {{ trim}} on'

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